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Ingredients in the form of microneedles smaller than pores are absorbed into dull skin as it gets stimulated to improve the condition.
Deeper, faster, and better absorption has been proven through clinical trials.
Ingredients in the form of microneedles open the absorption path into the skin. These microneedle-type ingredients are thinner than the pores and they gently stimulate the skin to help active ingredients better absorb by opening up the absorption path on the skin.
According to the reviews, people can address skin problems on their own; exfoliation helps the skin becomes overall bright, smooth, and radiant; the skin feels more shiny and smooth in three days; dead skin cells are removed and the skin glows; the skin feels more elastic after three days; and skin feels much more moisturized after three days.
The product heats the purified microneedle-type ingredients and Cica ingredients together in a vacuum while the Cica ingredients get absorbed through fine pores and empty spaces.
The ingredients for Cica Reedle in Reedle Shot change color to light brown after refining as the Centella Asiatica Extract impregnation process, which is VT's proprietary process, has been added.
DEEP, which has been proven in clinical trials, improves skin texture by increasing the depth, amount, and speed of absorption.
With one-time use, it noticeably improved rough skin texture and absorption amount, depth, and speed.
The product has a 100% satisfaction rate with its skin absorption amount, absorption depth, absorption speed improvement, and skin texture improvement. 100% also said that the product is satisfactory, willing to recommend it, willing to repurchase, and overall performance is satisfactory.
Moisturizing formulation quickly absorbs to help deliver active ingredients and improve skin texture.
The product has a tingling sensation which is natural and unique to the product and it occurs in the process of absorbing nutrients; it is recommended to adjust the amount and frequency of use according to individual conditions; it works better to massage it rather than rubbing.
It is a product that has undergone a skin irritation test and has a skin reaction of 0.00.
The product is recommended for skin that needs to be properly addressed by penetrating active ingredients deeply; skin tired from repetitive and painful treatments; skin that needs improvement but has the burden of cost; skin without much difference even with various skincare routines; skin that wants to be smooth and healthy again.

Featured Ingredient

By adding Centella Asiatica ingredients to the 99% pure microneedle-type ingredients, it opens the way for absorption as well as has a powerful soothing effect.
It contains Centella Asiatica Extract, triple Hyaluronic Acid, Centella 4X Complex, and Green Propolis Extract which help soothe, supply moisture, and strengthen moisturization.
It contains AMINO-ACID COMPLEX which helps moisturize and protect the skin barrier.
It contains low-molecular Hyaluronic Acid which helps moisturize and strengthen the moisture barrier.

How to use

For skin care in the evening, take an appropriate amount on a clean face and apply it gently with your fingers.

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